Cleaning of wedding dresses

A great opportunity to bring back wedding dress to its original state in our wedding dry cleaning. Such an opportunity you will not be offered everywhere. Before you call a wedding a dry cleaner you have many questions. Call us and we will answer them. Masters of their craft will make your wedding dress as much as possible in the original appearance.

The cost of cleaning wedding dresses depends on the state of contamination and the presence of the loop. The presence of stones and lace, do not affect the cost of cleaning the wedding. The price varies from 400 UAH to 1000 UAH.

Services are provided for the restoration of a wedding dress in our salon. We will help you solve the problem of gaps and holes on the skirt wedding dress, present in the original state of the embroidery with beads and stones. Replace the cloth and lace if there is a need for this. Please contact us and we will help to solve a problem of any complexity.


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