Brand philosophy

The main criterion for the success of the philosophy of the brand experienced in the field of wedding designer Juliana Klochko starts with the negotiations by telephone or electronically. Thanks to the experience designer at the meeting will listen to you and can immediately give the right advice and help the bride to decide that it is best suited. Everything is under control with the sketch stage design, selection of materials, decorative products and up to the final decision. Tryon run at a moderate speed, it all depends on the issues to our customers. The designer clearly see the end result, therefore, help the client stay on the right path. The client is fully involved in the creation of his image. We all do only with the consent of your decision.

The end result - satisfied and happy bride, graduate, she is the most amazing and incredibly beautiful. What you can see by reading the comments in our section of the bride. Designer Julian Klochko gets great pleasure from the work done with the customer.

Philosophy bridal salon Sposabella - better service, impeccable quality, democratic prices, new fashion trends, a large selection of wedding and evening dresses designer Juliana scraps of news from the world of brands.


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