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Wedding dress - 10WD

Color: white, creme,

Price: 18500 uah

Wedding Dress - 11WD

Price: 15600 uah

Evening dress - 1315

Color: black, beige,

Price: 9200 uah

Evening dress - 1415

Color: black, beige,

Price: 8900 uah

Evening dresses - 1515

Color: blue, red, turquoise, crimson,

Price: 5800 uah

Evening dress - 0118

Color: red, black, blue, white, light ivory, beige, puffy,

Price: 5500 uah

Evening Dress - 1812

Price: 3500 uah

Children dresses - 0217D

Price: 3000 uah

Children dresses - 0317D

Color: red, white, black, pink, peach, blue, cream,

Price: 3000 uah

What should be a modern bride? Effectively? Yes! Stylish? Certainly! The most beautiful? Definitely, yes! What should be every bride, no matter where she wedding - winter, summer, autumn or summer? Happy! With perfect views and a happy twinkle in his eyes! It should be ...

... the bride, who wore a created just for her dress ...

I sew wedding dresses in Kiev , can conquer and enchant everyone. The beautiful lace I weave happiness in faceting gemstones - add family well-being, in the dress itself - love and boundless trust and patience. My dress cause delight and tenderness; my dress completely transform the bride.

High quality fabrics selected by me, using only the highest quality and natural materials, precious stones and the finest lace, allow me to create a very unique dress, stands out against the background of the monotony and banality. In my dresses the bride is not a bride - she is a goddess

I clearly follow fashion trends and do not forget about the new trend trends each season, but I do not go on about fashion designers and fashion houses - I create a unique line wedding dresses, who choose only the bride, who value a high degree of exclusivity, perfect quality and perfect look chic

The bride, dressed in my wedding dress -. every one perfect !

I dress the bride in every dream


Spectacular evening dresses can be quite different - bright and stylish, unobtrusive and boring, original and imitations of famous brands. Evening Dresses can be flawlessly stitched real professionals or sewn somewhere in the nearest studio without much creative and professional approach.

But only by my evening dresses effectively complement the image of a modern stylish and elegant woman, but do not spoil it. We invite you to visit our showroom in order to ensure the uniqueness of the proposed collection, in its innovative approach to making and totally unexpected style. I feel fine every woman and immediately know what kind of dress she suggest to make it look impressive, fashionable and stylish.

I'm creating a unique evening dresses , capable of completely transforming a woman, add her sexuality or romantic, aristocratic and high status. By choosing our dresses you choose exclusivity, high quality and perfectly flawless look in it. I choose for their models only the rich fabrics, natural stones and the most finest lace and silk

. My dresses worn only luxury women who have thin refined taste in choosing clothes. In my dresses women bloom.
Our bride

22.06.2013. The bride Yulianna. When I was still a little girl, like all the girls dreamed of a beautiful fairy tale, the prince, with a chic wedding, with stunning wedding dress, with a wedding procession, etc. When I happened to see the bride, radiant with happiness, in a beautiful wedding dress and all eyes were directed only at her, sometimes I do not even believe that one day I, too, will the bride, and then some other little girl will also look at the I have dreamed about my wedding. And June 22, 2013, my childhood dream became a reality. It was a truly royal wedding was truly magical and fairy-tale wedding, just like in the fairy tale about the princess. And of course in MY tale it was not without good fairies, Juliana pieces, and Olga. They are like a wave of the magic wand sewed for me it is a wedding dress, which I painted in my mind. Thank you very much, girls! It was a real princess wedding. Insanely beautiful wedding dress, iridescent stone. And despite the large amount of tissue, the dress itself was very comfortable and easy. And all the wedding day I felt very, very comfortable. Therefore, dear girl and groom, if you need the dress of indescribable beauty, if you already have some sort of design your own wedding dress that you would like to make a reality, the contact is in a bridal salon Sposabella. You will not regret. Anyway, I was very happy!

06.06.2013. Irina bride. Designers Julian pieces, and Olga, thank you very much for a wonderful wedding dress, you have excellent taste and you'll know how to make the most beautiful bride! The wedding dress was so elegant and refined that many people stopped and made compliments. I felt like Cinderella. Indescribable beauty wedding dress, stunned satin fabric, color - stunning. Even she could not dream of such. I do not regret that I sewed the wedding dress you, and would recommend it to sew a wedding dress alone in a wedding salon SposaBella, rather than buy, and then you will be the one and only in your most important day! I advise everyone to your bridal salon, and will apply for the evening, if there is such a need. It is a pleasure it was to work with you! Sincerely grateful. PS Veil - a very beautiful and delicate, wedding gloves - addition to the image .... nothing more ... Very, very happy. Once again THANK YOU !!!


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